Call for Artists

To highlight the 20th year anniversary of Association for the protection of Angell Woods [APAW]   The Board of Directors invite Local Artists to Submit an Outdoor Art Installation Proposal to the Angell Wood Board. The proposal will be evaluated on the basis of artistic merit, coherence    with APAW’s mission and mandate to permanently protect and promote the responsible use of Angell Woods. Artist can prepare artworks in any scale, scope, and medium suitable for a permanent        outdoor installation. See the submission guidelines for specifics.     Applications require the following:

  • A curriculum vitae
  • A proposal including project description (500 words or less), artist statement, including a description of the technical requirements of your project.
  • We encourage you to briefly  (min. 50 words) identify why your project relates to the APAW’s mandate. This will strengthen your proposal.

Once the application is submitted, the primary contact will receive a confirmation email. Artist whose project has been retained will receive a response within three months following the deadline.   Eligibility: The Artist-initiated call is open to all artists working individually or in collaboration.   Please visit our website: ( for creative inspiration, the history and information regarding this important green space on the western part of the island of Montreal. Submission guidelines VE5.1