Exceptional Forest Ecosystems in Angell Woods

Bois Angell – Reconnaissance des écosystèmes forestiers exceptionnels


Annual General Meeting for APAW

You are cordially invited to the Annual General Meeting of the Association for the Protection of Angell Woods

Wednesday, March 26, 7:30 – 9:30 pm

Annexe Herb Linder

303 Beaconsfield Blvd, Beaconsfield

Our guest speaker this year is Coralie Deny, Director general for the Conseil Régional de l’Environnement de Montréal and spokesperson for the Montreal Greenbelt Movement. The conference is entitled:

“Angell Woods – an Essential Part of Montreal’s Greenspace Tapestry”

If you are interested in running for the board of directors of APAW, please contact us at angellwoods@yahoo.ca by Friday, March 14, 2014

Only duly-registered members as of March 14 may attend


Report from the Board

Coralie Deny

Treasurer’s Report

Election of the board of directors

Woodland Intersection Final Traffic Study

Final Woodland Traffic Study_Etudes de traffic traversé Woodland

(French)Rapport – Potentiel de la mise en valeur du Bois Angell

2061301 APBA – Rapport – FINAL 2013-09-18

Angell Woods Discussion Group – Minutes of Meeting

Angell Woods Discussion Group – Minutes of meeting