20th AGM of the Association for the Protection of Angell Woods


Court of Appeal upholds Positive Angell Woods Conservation Decision

Court of Appeal upholds Positive Angell Woods Conservation Decision
On February 27, the Quebec Court of Appeal ruled on the Yale Properties vs City of Beaconsfield and APAW case.
You will recall that in 2017, the Quebec Superior Court, by way of a 2 week trial, had looked at all the facts surrounding the City of Beaconsfield’s numerous attempts to rezone the Woods in light of pressure from APAW and other citizens. The trial court had concluded that the Angell Woods file had been very difficult for the City, but that ultimately Beaconsfield had done nothing wrong in deciding NOT to proceed with a development zoning plan for the Woods. The court found that there had been no “collusion” with APAW and that the City had done its democratic job in sorting out the will of its community, all in good faith. The land-owner who had originally sued, Yale Properties, appealed this decision.
The Court of Appeal, in a 12 page judgment, completely agreed with the lower court decision and validated the conclusions of the trial judge. The Court noted that not only has Beaconsfield taken steps to protect Angell Woods, but so have the City of Montreal and the Montreal Agglomeration Council. It is time to move on and look forward.
The Court found that the Yale Properties real estate company has no “grandfather rights” to develop; all the appropriate democratic and urban planning steps were taken to protect the Woods in accordance with the law.
Hopefully this decision will encourage Yale Properties to follow the lead of all the other Angell Woods landowners and sell its land for fair value to the government authorities. Yale Properties has been until now the last holdout in this collective project. Now that the court has decided on its development rights, it should be clear that the highest and best use for their lot is as a conservation area for the benefit of Montreal Island residents.

2019 – A big year for APAW

Hello APAW members:

APAW is celebrating 20 years in 2019! The community’s work to save Angell Woods has been going on for even longer than that, but we thought that we would take the occasion to mark the tremendous conservation milestones that have been achieved so far.

We have some key events planned for you, so make sure to save the following dates:

April 4 at the Herb Linder Annex at Beaconsfield City Hall. As part of our AGM, we will be hosting a special consultation session where our members will be able to give input into the future use and stewardship of Angell Woods. What will Angell Woods look like over the next 20 years? We need to hear your views.

November 9 at the Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club. To mark 20 years of successful conservation efforts, we will be having a Gala dinner for the community. Come out and celebrate with us in style!

Let’s keep up the positive momentum for 2019. We are almost there!

Stay tuned for more details.

Conseil de presse appeal: The Suburban

Last year, APAW filed a formal complaint with the Conseil de presse over an article which appeared in the Suburban in 2016, alleging that it was grossly inaccurate regarding certain facts about Angell Woods and that it was highly unbalanced in its reporting of the issue. After both sides submitted written arguments, the Conseil de Presse issued its judgment at the beginning of April 2017. APAW’s position was upheld across the board. The Suburban appealed, and has lost the second round. Click here to read about the decision made by the appeal commission of the Conseil de presse du Québec.

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