Last updated: May, 2006

Date / Description

1998 Mayor Roy Kemp announces intention to build up to 800 homes in Angell Woods.

1999 APAW is formed.

1999-2001 Through various lobbying measures, APAW succeeds in convincing City Council to withdraw a series of urban planning initiatives aiming to encourage development of Angell Woods.

Nov 2001 City Council sets aside $1 million from its « pre-forced merger » surplus to preserve Angell Woods.

May 15, 2003 Mayor Roy Kemp declares in the Suburban newspaper: « Those woods will be protected in their entirety and I will fight for that down to my last breath ».

May 17, 2003 APAW holds first annual Angell Woods Appreciation Day.

June, 2003 Roy Kemp dies.

Oct. 7, 2003 The borough Council confirms by resolution the « affectation » of $1 Million of surplus funds for Angell Woods.

Nov. 2003 Ann Myles is elected mayor of the borough of Beaconsfield-Baie d’Urfé.

Jan. 13, 2004 Presentation by APAW to the « Rivière-à-l’Orme Inter-borough Committee ».

Jan. 30, 2004 APAW letter to Patrice Boileau regarding suggested options for borough vis-à-vis pending Domaine Woodland Project.

Apr. 19, 2004 Presentation by APAW to the Office de consultation publique de Montréal regarding City of Montreal’s draft Protection of Natural Spaces plan.

May 15, 2004 APAW holds second annual Angell Woods Appreciation day; Mayor Gérald Tremblay attends; Guardian Angells are announced; Geoff Kelley, MNA, makes financial contribution to APAW.

Feb. 2004 to August 2004 In anticipation of required zoning changes for Domaine Woodland Project, urban planning department of Beaconsfield-Baie d’Urfé holds numerous highly unsuccessful exchanges with James-Shaw residents.

June 15, 2004 Presentation by APAW to the Office de consultation publique de Montréal on the draft urban plan of the City of Montreal.

June 15, 2004 APAW makes first formal request to borough officials to have same amend the City of Montreal urban plan to reflect the Beaconsfield-Baie d’Urfé borough position that Angell Woods is to be preserved.

Aug. 3, 2004 Beaconsfield-Baie d’Urfé borough Council attempts to pass the zoning change by-law required to implement the Domaine Woodland Project. APAW representatives succeed in convincing Council members that no consensus on the Project exists and by-law is withdrawn.

Aug. 24, 2004 The APAW executive, the APAW « Dream Team » of Guardian Angells (community and business leaders and real estate experts), together with a representative of Nature Conservancy of Canada, meet privately with Mayor Ann Myles and Council, Patrice Boileau and Denis Chabot. The purpose of the meeting is for the APAW representatives and Guardian Angells to offer assistance and to help provide other options in respect of the planned preservation / development of Angell Woods.

Aug. 27, 2004 First draft of a Convention de partenariat en conservation is circulated by APAW for comments to Patrice Boileau and Denis Chabot of the Beaconsfield-Baie d’Urfé borough and to the promoter of the Domaine Woodland Project.

The draft conservation partnership agreement provides that, conditional on the final approval of the zoning changes required to allow for the Domaine Woodland Project to proceed on the northern Fresh Meadows golf course lot:

(i) the promoter of the Project is to transfer to Nature Conservancy of Canada title to a « buffer zone » between the development and Angell Woods and to make a donation to Nature Conservancy of Canada for the protection of Angell Woods; and

(ii) each of the promoter, APAW, Nature Conservancy of Canada and the borough of Beaconsfield-Baie d’Urfé are to collaborate proactively to find solutions acceptable to all parties vis-à-vis the southern Fresh Meadows golf course lots, in order to conserve Angell Woods and its buffer areas and to ensure the recreational use, in accordance with such conservation goals, of this same territory by the citizens of Beaconsfield.

Aug. 31, 2004 A meeting is held at the Beaconsfield Public Works office between Patrice Boileau, Denis Chabot, John Ciaccia, Stephen Lloyd and Tom Grainger and Jean Houde in order to finalize the Convention de partenariat en conservation. The promoter requests that Nature Conservancy of Canada be removed as a party and Patrice Boileau requests that the borough of Beaconsfield-Baie d’Urfé be removed as a party. No other changes of substance are made to the initial draft.

Sept. 2, 2004 Convention de partenariat en conservation is signed.

Oct. 31, 2004 Zoning by-law required for the Domaine Woodland Project is successfully passed by the borough Council.

Fall 2004 At two (2) public consultation sessions regarding the borough of Beaconsfield-Baie d’Urfé portion of the City of Montreal draft urban plan, APAW representatives make submissions to the borough officials requesting amendments to this draft urban plan to reflect the borough consensus that Angell Woods should be protected. No representations are made at the public consultation sessions in favour of developing Angell Woods. No minutes of the public consultation sessions are made available to the public.

April 2005 The text of the Beaconsfield-Baie d’Urfé portion of the City of Montreal urban plan is made available for consultation. The plan continues to show Angell Woods as being a targeted area for « high density transit oriented » development.

April to May 2005 Continued requests are made by APAW representatives to Council members and the borough urban planning staff to rectify the Borough portion of the urban plan in order to have it reflect the content of the public consultation sessions.

May 14 2005 APAW holds the third annual Angell Woods Appreciation Day; Ministers Geoff Kelly and Thomas Mulcair make financial contributions to APAW.

May 24, 2005 Approximately 200 people attend a special meeting of the borough Council called to approve the Borough portion of the City of Montreal urban plan. After lengthy discussion, a special motion of Council is passed amending the borough plan which had been submitted for approval by the borough urban planning department. The Council-approved borough plan is passed with wording calling for the « creation of a nature park representing the totality of Angell Woods ».

July 2005 The borough of Beaconsfield-Baie d’Urfé portion of the City of Montreal urban plan (reflecting the creation of a nature park representing the totality of Angell Woods) is withdrawn by the borough. It is never passed by the City of Montreal.

Nov. 2005 Bob Benedetti is elected mayor, running on a platform of, amongst other things, saving Angell Woods. Three members of the APAW executive, Kate Coulter, David Pollock and Wade Staddon, are also elected to Council.