Springtime News from APAW

Dear APAW members:

We hope that you are enjoying the annual spring transitions in Angell Woods, as the trout lilies give way to trilliums and the maple, ash and iron-wood tree buds burst into their summer leaves.

You may be aware that as part of its exercise of putting in place up-to-date zoning rules to comply with the regional PMAD and Montreal Agglomeration schéma plans, the City of Beaconsfield is reassessing its long-term development needs. It established an advisory committee on land use planning and development, to listen to the citizens in this regard. Because it initially appeared that one favoured initiative was a high-density TOD (transit-oriented development) in Angell Woods, APAW submitted a brief to examine the pros and cons of such a development, in terms of tax revenues, traffic flows and quality of life for West Island citizens. That brief is now available on our website: www.apaw.ca.

Please note that our brief was submitted BEFORE the announcement of the light rail system due to be built over the next few years, connecting the West Island to the downtown public transit system with trains which will run every 15 minutes or so, similar to the metro frequency. The new light rail system makes it even more clear that a development in Angell Woods adjacent to the Beaurepaire AMT station could not truly be characterized as a “TOD”. TOD’s are supposed to attract residents who choose walking and public transport over our standard suburban car-intensive approach. Given the low frequencies of the current Vaudreuil-Hudson AMT line trains, any new residents moving in to condos adjacent to the Beaurepaire station would no doubt still feel the need to own the customary 2 or so cars per household.

The new light rail system is great news for the West Island. It is also good news for Angell Woods.

Thank you as always for your continued support. Community support is what will ultimately save Angell Woods.

Your APAW Executive

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